Standby Image™

Some systems are so critical, you can’t wait for even the shortest of recovery times. And often, these systems need to run locally to maintain performance norms. Standby Images provide the fastest way to provide you with a bootable local image of your most important systems.


Virtual recovery without the virtual infrastructure

We give you the confidence that following a data loss important systems can be operational almost immediately, without the need to first recover it. By being an integral part of the backup process, rather than recovery, Standby Images are always up-to-date and ready for operational use.


Locally Available Images

Some of you systems require near-instant recovery times, even with virtual disaster recovery the cloud isn’t a viable option. With little more than specifying a target storage location and access credentials, Atomic IT Backup & Disaster Recovery builds bootable VHDs of your Windows systems volumes, providing the value of VDR with the convenience of a local disk or NAS.


Zero Recovery Needed

Turn the recovery of an entire system from a process that takes days or hours to one that takes just minutes. Atomic IT builds the bootable Standby Image of critical systems as part of the backup process, so you won’t need to trigger recovery at all, and can be up and running in minutes, even without Internet access.


Multiple Boot-up Options

Not everyone has the same virtualization platforms in use. Standby images are stored as a local VHD file and can be mounted or booted with either Hyper-V or Oracle Virtual Box by simply creating a new VM, attaching disks and booting in as little as 1 to 5 minutes.


No Cloud Necessary

You need to be up and running, even when there is no Internet. So, unlike traditional virtual DR, Standby Images don’t require the use of cloud storage as part of the creation process. Images are created locally and have no need to access, nor utilize any cloud-based data.