Power BI Gives You Business Intelligence

Discover and Analyze

Power BI allows you to discover, analyze, and visualize your data in excel. Here, you gather and systematize your knowledge and discover trends live. At the same time, you get an easy way to share your data with the rest of the organization, and you can use your knowledge to streamline your business.

If you have Enterprise E3, E4 or Online Plan 2, you can connect to Power BI and get started with a simple tool for managing your data.

Efficient Data Models

Together with Power BI you can use Power Pivot and create sophisticated and detailed data models in Excel. You can relate areas, hierarchies and KPIs.

You will get the fastest results since Power Pivot use in-memory technology.

Visualize Your Data

Power View is another part of Power BI that you can use in Excel. It provides you with a tool that will help you pull in data, that is relevant for you. You get interactive analyses, and can draw reports automatically within few seconds.

With a simple visualization of your data, it is easy for you to dig deeper into the different reports and get the relevant insight.

Collaborate around Data

Collaborating around data has become easier with Power BI. Now you can gather your data in a group on your Power BI site and give access to specific employees.

If you work with Excel Online, you can get access to your data everywhere and give each other feedback.

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