What does backup mean to you, why do we think it’s so important?

You hear it all the time, and always agree, yes it’s important to back up your data, no matter how big or small it may be to you, but do you? Have you? Are you?


The fact is, when considering how many people seem to know how important it is, and how easy it can be to implement, the statistics are surprisingly low for how many people actually follow through with it. So why is that?

In this IT age, there are a number of reasons for common data loss, and for the most part they’re unpredictable. However, they’re also entirely recoverable, if not even preventable.

By opening the wrong link in an untrusted email, or accidently selecting delete all instead of selected, connecting to the wrong network without even realizing, we all open ourselves to be liable. Of course, we all try our best to use our diligence and avoid these errors, but even the most cautious user can make mistakes before we even realize it.

What about errors that occur entirely on their own? A power surge, or a crashed hard drive for example? What if it’s lost or stolen? What happens if a device has a run in with an unknown liquid? Usually they’re not great swimmers!


We talk to people every day who say they know the risk, but they still haven’t acted to be protected in the event something does happen to their data, and the most common reason is cost. Most people don’t realize how minimal it can be. And what is your time worth to you to recover that data? Imagine you have a paper due on Monday, and its Sunday evening, how long would it take you to rewrite it if it was lost? Wouldn’t you rather just have a copy backed up to recover from? Or pictures that took years to build in your library, or all your contacts, emails, music, schedules, recipes, invitations, spread sheets ……. whatever it is you’re into, imagine the time it would take you to rebuild it from scratch, or imagine the things that simply can’t be, and are lost forever. Yet we still carry on thinking it won’t happen to us. When will we stop doing that and start protecting ourselves?


As your local trusted IT provider, we can tell you that we almost never have people contact to tell us everything is going great. Usually our first contact with a client is in the face of disaster. Our goal is to educate people on the tools available to prevent such disaster. Whether your business is large or small, or brand new, or 100 years old, we can help. Contact us today to talk about the options that best suit your needs and get yourself protected, because after all, your best line of defence is to be protected.




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