In the growing age of social media use, more and more young professionals are looking to gain virtual popularity in order to share their ideas and become successful. Social media can deliver a free exchange of ideas and interesting opportunities for users. However, building a respectable network in an increasingly busy social media crowd can seem impossible.

With these 5 tips and some diligence you’ll find success in all your online endeavors.

1. Find Your Outlet

While it’s wise to make yourself available on every platform, it’s best to start off small and then work your way up as demand for your presence, products, or services increases.

So how do you go about picking which platform to start on? That mostly depends on your area of expertise, or the type of clientele you’re seeking. We would recommend you research each platform available to determine which one would apply to you and your current situation, and where similar businesses, or young professionals are having the most visible success. Once you have determined which outlet applies most to you, maximize your profile there, before continuing on to other outlets.

2. Streamline Your Updates

Once you get your foot in the door and you find yourself on several different social media platforms, it begins to get time-consuming and difficult to handle all the updates yourself. With a centralized app or online service you can help streamline the operation. Services like Hootsuite, Buffer, and SocialFlow let you register all your accounts and manage them from a central dashboard. With these apps, multitasking is a breeze, and producing constant updates will ensure your success. There are also some great tools that can be used such as Edgar or google Mention that will help you narrow down your audience, and help you to focus your influence in the right direction.

3. Share Original Content

While there are a lot of platforms popular for the re-sharing of gifs and images not owned by the blogger themselves, it is always more intriguing when the blogger produces original content. Original content allows you to establish your own voice and style, and garners a respectability and demand in the public for your works. Once you gain a following, you can begin to share ideas with others and make personal and business relationships.

4. Produce, Share, and RESPOND

Don’t spend all your efforts in producing content and sharing, neglecting to make any type of comment or response to your works. Social media is known as being a two-way or multi-way conversation, so it’s a good idea to get others involved and to bounce thoughts off one another. Connections are made when you respond to others; it makes you into a real person, and not some abstract online persona. This will also help you to understand your customer better, and learning their needs is the best way you can provide for them.

5. Merge Online & Reality

While building your online persona is crucial in the age of technology, it’s also important to get out in the real world with your ideas and projects in order to gain public recognition and real-life connections. You can take your online persona to the real world by organizing a meet-up, be part of trade shows, take interviews, always respond when the proverbial phone is ringing.

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